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Crates 9 days ago

crates coming soon!


thats it























































-san out

Server/Forum Rules 11 days ago

Server Rules:

  These rules not only apply to Parkour but the whole server:

  [1] Be respectful to other players.

  [2] Keep your swearing and cursing to a minimum.

  [3] Use common sense.

  [4] Do not cheat/hack.

  [5] Be respectful to staff.

  [6] Obey all staff.

  [7] DDoS threats will result in a permanent IP Ban.

  [9] You may not have more than 2 alternative accounts.

 Forum Rules:

  The same rules from the server apply to the Forum.

  [1] No inappropriate posting

  [2] No Fake ban reports

  [3] No Fake inappropriate creative plot reports

  [4] Please only post SERVER-RELATED content in Server Support threads. Anything other than server-related content will result in the        post being deleted.

  [5] Do not promote other servers

  [6] Do not spam contact forms

  [7] Do not spam DM Staff

  [8] Respect all Staff descisions as they are final.

  [9] Do not post plugins here or ask for plugins in DMs. Find your own.

  [10] Read the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions before using the forums.

  [11] Enjoy the forums!

  -San out

No friends.